Aug 15, 2021

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Episode 114: Three 3PP Settings from Raorgen Games

In a world where many still crave escape but cannot attend local or out-of-town conventions, it’s important to remember that there are many worlds yet to be discovered — thanks to the DCC 3PP community! Tonight we’ll be talking with Ed Stanek, one of the powers behind Raorgen Games, about 3 such 3PP settings. 

Stuff referenced in this episode!

Albacon 2021

Aeon: Ancient Greece for DCC (future kickstarter link)

DCC Dying Earth (Kickstarter)

Raorgen Games on

Gateway Games (on Facebook)

Pax Lexque

Isles of the Celts

Kingdoms of Africa

We Who Are About to Die

Things Fall Apart (novel)

Red Wolf Black Leopard (novel)

Charles R Saunders (fantasy/sci author)

Albacon 2021

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  1. Daniel Bishop says:

    Excellent episode.