Jul 12, 2021

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Episode 113: Vancian Mailbag feat. Carmin Vance!

Hey mailbag. It’s been a long time since, well you know, since we’ve spent a whole episode reaching into you to see what we can find. Well don’t worry baby, we’re back. And today, it’s all about you!

Stuff referenced in this episode!

A Discordance with Dzyvatz (from Scott Swift & Purple Pirate)

DCC Dying Earth (Kickstarter)

Trespassers of the Full Moon Tower

X-Crawl Classics!

Blades Against Bandwidth

Empire of the East!

Temple of the Hamster

Superscript Comics and Games (Lakewood, OH)

Jean Wells

Crawl Magazine #4

Crypt of the Devil Lich Kickstarter

Doom of the Savage Kings

Podcast: Podcast

  1. Hi Judges J and guest Judge C!

    It was great to learn about Carmin. I started following her on Instagram. She has a really cool art style!

    And thanks for answering my questions! How did it turn into Nipplegate I have no idea! Lol!

    • Julian Bernick says:

      Glad you enjoyed and it will be great if we can get Carmin’s fantastic art out there for more people. As for Nipplegate, I obviously blame Judge Jeff 100%.

      • We’ve had the pleasure of knowing Carmin for a few years now, and we love the chance to feature her art in Tales from the Smoking Wyrm!

        • Julian Bernick says:

          Nice! I love the Smoking Wyrm! I was already to use the Cthulhu patron recently, but my PCs wouldn’t take the bait… sigh…. Great job guys!

  2. Thanks for the review! The Silver Goddess writeup mentioned in the last email read has been completed, and is offered for free, if anyone would like to download:


  3. Daniel Bishop says:

    Thank you for the kind words.