Nov 15, 2020

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Episode 105: Invoke Dieter Zimmerman

We have a very special – and overdue – guest for this show! To some, he may be just a mysterious name on the credits page of your DCC RPG core book, or even a guitar-wielding pirate. But we know him as the original embodiment of Hugh Heftblade and the author of the fantastic funnel, “Not in Kansas Anymore.” That’s right — the elusive Dieter Zimmerman has been summoned! We’ll talk about Dragonmech, DCC backstory, crazy photo shoots, music, and more!

Stuff referenced in this episode!

Not in Kanas Anymore (2016 GENCON Program Guide)

Dragonmech RPG (Info)

Dragonmech RPG Pdf link

GENCON 2014 Program Guide (featuring kickass picture of Judge Jobe and Dieter as Hugh)

Knave RPG

Dragonmeet (UK Convention)

Battle Royale event: Slave Pits of Lost Agartha

Spawn of Cyclops Con


Vaesen RPG

Harlem Unbound

Creep Skrag Creep!

Dragora’s (or Dragor’s) Dungeon

Dragonmech page (archived from old GG site)

Bride of Cyclops Con! (Oct 16-18)

The Charwoman’s Shadow

Book of Whispers for Never Going Home RPG

GG Joe Profile for: Musk Goblin

DCC RPG Humble Bundle

2015 GENCON Program Guide (with Black Feather Blade)

The Wizardarium (Dieter’s Bookstore)

The Long Con 2020 (Nov 13-15)

RPG Alliance Con 2020 (Nov 21- 22)

Podcast: Podcast

  1. Judge Mathieu says:

    I really like it when you dive into older forgotten adventures. And of course getting to know a writer that I just discovered thanks to this episode.

    Of course the “DragonMech” Google searches are going to spike! I’m sure this would be an easy and fun conversion to DCC. Hmmm… An official one could be nice too.

    Now I’m sad I missed out on the sale that happened a while ago.

    I haven’t tried “Not in Kansas anymore”. Looking forward to trying it as it sounds like a perfect introductory funnel!

  2. Julian Bernick says:

    DragonMech sounds so nutty that DCC might be a good system for it, one that can handle the inherent swinginess. A few months back we were chattering about Purple Planet and just learned that it will be reprinted in a new format. Why not DragonMech next… if there’s enough interest and chatter, anything’s possible!