Nov 2, 2020

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Episode 104: Full Dark No Stars!

Ever wonder what it’s like to play a 10th level DCC RPG adventure? Well we did too! So Judge Brendan is here to run us through his unpublished 10th level adventure, Full Dark No Stars!

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  1. Judge Mathieu says:

    I gotta say, this is the weirdest game I’ve ever heard! Thanks to an incredible Goadisme maneuver, the big bad barely had time to fight and welcomed the beating.

    And although it was lots of fun, I feel like I have no idea how the adventure was supposed to unfold.

    Thanks for the 10th level sneak peek!

  2. Julian Bernick says:

    I totally loved how crazy and unpredictable this adventure was, and how we found a way even with multiple screw-ups. That’s the way DCC should be as far as I am concerned!