Aug 25, 2014

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Episode 28: Gen Con 2014 Review

This week we review Gen Con 2014 and all the golden DCC RPG goodness unleashed therein. Join us as the two Judges who attended the con struggle to maintain post-con coherency and voice quality, while the other two express their feelings of excitement and envy. We talk about all the DCC RPG new releases, forth-coming releases, and other big announcements, as well as the first-ever DCC RPG tournament and the ever-growing phenomenon that is Doug Con!

Links mentioned in this episode:

PAX Prime Game Convention

DCC RPG google+ community

Goodman Games website

The Nicest Guy in Gaming


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  1. Hey y’all – love the show, long time listener, first time emailer. Hey, next GenCon – whoever makes it out there needs to come roll some DCC with me! I ran exactly one session of DCC this year, and it got called due to Sleepy. I AM NOT SATISFIED! See you in 2015.

  2. I linked the DCC Modules into a single campaign, so the Emerald Enchanter(ess) is really Emirikol’s ex. Now the Return of the Emerald Enchanter won’t fit. Here in the UK I don’t know half the dudes you refer to at Gen Con, but as usual the wit and humour of yuur podcast produces enough mecurial side-effects to keep me listening.

    • Well if we could just get Simon Todd playing DCC RPG, THEN we could talk about some trans-atlantic friends!

  3. Jim has me dead to rights … sleepwalking and talking are really just the start of the problem. Usually I am carrying my sleeping companions to safety (from an imaginary threat that only I am aware of). Dreamlands fodder.

  4. David Baity says:

    Thanks for taking the question guys! I actually used your tip when creating the Carnival of the Damned tournament. I think, for the most part it came out okay with a few encounters needing some adjustment, and others being spot on.

    It definitely makes it a lot easier by using printed stat blocks. I also appreciate your ideas, Jim. Great way to set the tone early, with a potential TPK initially!