Aug 21, 2014

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Gen Con Special Report: What’s New at Goodman Games in 2014

Joseph Goodman and crew – plus special guests – preview and discuss the exciting new releases coming from Goodman Games in 2014 and 2015, including official DCC RPG dice, new adventures, the DCC Annual, and lots of other old school gaming goodness!
Don’t have time to watch the video? Here’s an audio-only version (please note: this event was recorded live in the portion of the Indianapolis Convention Center built in an old train station, so the sound quality is not ideal, plus, you know… trains):

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Podcast: Download

  1. Judge James says:

    XCrawl is an amazing game. I had it when it was released for 3.X D&D and love it. Glad to see it living on. When we made characters, we each picked a theme song for our characters, had great signature moves, and hammed it up like no one’s business. I still fondly remember my Cleric of Zeus who came out to “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC

  2. Mike Loew says:

    Thanks so much for taping this, Judge Jim and Spellburn crew! I haven’t had time to watch the whole vid yet, but I love the Black Sabbath intro.

  3. Hi guys,
    Thanks for taping this. But is there any chance of releasing it as an mp3 as well? I’ve no time to sit and watch this, but have drive time to listen if in a mp3 format. Thanks for considering it.

    Chris D.

    • Done and done, sir (see the audio link added to the page above). Who says this isn’t the Spellburn Age of Instant Wish Fulfillment?

      • Wow! You rock! Thanks, now I’ve a reason to look forward to work tomorrow!

        • Yes Jim – thanks for the audio link! I too was hoping for a mp3 version. Can’t wait to listen….


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