Jun 28, 2021

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Episode 112: There’s a Hole in the Sky!

Tonight we continue our review of seminal DCC adventures from the days of yore… another funnel and instant classic, Hole in the Sky!  We’re going to talk to Judge Brendan about Hole in the Sky, Sabbath vs. Dio, read a few emails and do the usual Spellburn stuff.  Plus a new Dungeon Denizen!  All this on tonight’s Spellburn!

Stuff referenced in this episode!

Hole in the Sky

X-Crawl Classics!

Blades Against Bandwidth

Hammerheart Brewing, Lino Lakes MN

DCC Dying Earth (Kickstarter)

Dungeon Denizens, featuring the Ice Ape!

City of the Damned Campaign

GENCON Program Guide 2015 (w/ Hole In the Sky fiction)

Confederacy of Dunces

Accursed Heart of the World Ender

Full Dark No Stars (Episode 104)

Podcast: Podcast

  1. Lino Lakes! Is Judge Julian a Minnesota-denizen? I am brand new to DCC, but my wife and I are doing our first funnel at Fantasy Flight Gamezenter in Roseville next week. You’re certainly welcome.

    • Julian Bernick says:

      Absolutely, lived in S. Minneapolis most of my life. I host some games at my place as well as plenty of virtual things so if you want to get on my invite list, email me @ julian_bernick@yahoo.com. Drop me a line any time with more info on your funnel!

  2. Daniel Bishop says:

    The illustration for the Ice Ape is mine.

    • Julian Bernick says:

      Yeah… sorry man, we should have called that out. I saw it when I posted it and … well, let’s say that your ice ape skills are far superior to my monster-drawing, I think it can very easily be said.

  3. Daniel Bishop says:

    I just managed to get through the entire episode.

    Funnels are about scale – good observation!

    Poison vs. venom – sorry I hurt you, Jen.

    Brendan (if you read this comment) – you rock! I also endorse gaming with Brendan as an iconic experience, so do it if you can! Then take him out and buy him dinner! He is as fun to hang out with as to game with, and that is saying a lot!

  4. Adrian Sanchez says:

    Loved the episode. And I was wondering if there is a link to the full stat block to the Hermit Spider?

    • Julian Bernick says:

      Thanks for listening Adrian!

      Here’s the stat block from the email, not totally complete, but hopefully he will do a full-on dungeon denizen!

      AC 13 in shell 17 out of shell
      Hd 5d12 (30) in shell, 1d10 (5) out of its shell. (Subject to changes based on corpse and environment).
      Sneak+9 bite +1 (1d4+venom on a successful attack) fort save to negate

  5. Really enjoyed this! Absolutely in favor or more interviews with creators about their modules.
    Edgar Johnson’s Moon-Slaves of the Cannibal Kingdom is a fav of mine, so I’d like to toss a vote in the hat for having him on to discuss that module

    • Julian Bernick says:

      Glad you enjoyed! I guess it’s obvious I am having a great time picking the brains of smart adventure creators too, and reliving some fun times. Been a while since we had Edgar, we’ll have to see if that’s doable! Thank you for the suggestion!

  6. That was a great episode! I wasn’t aware of the anagram and Karlos. When we reprint the adventure in German I have to include an anagram too and maybe we must name the dwarf “Karlos Gefahr” or better: search for an old germanic word for his surname

    • Julian Bernick says:

      Ha.. I had never considered the challenge of translating easter-egg type things before, funny! Both options sound fun!

      • That’s the hardest part! Wordplay and gags are also complicated and of course the adventure title is in German and you loose the quote and the direct link to the song title.

        Another interesting thing: When a room description or adventure title is painted on the map of an adventure our designer has a little more to do than just rearrange a block of text. She has to photoshop the German words in 😀

        • Julian Bernick says:

          I think the German words can be considerably longer than the English words sometimes? That might be a challenge!

          • Yes, German is often longer (in a translation the text lenght increases around 20%) and if you don’t want to change the complete layout of a book, you have to get creative 😀

  7. Judge Mathieu says:

    Module reminiscing episodes with authors are great! Please keep’em coming! 🙂