Jul 5, 2020

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Episode 98: Curses!

We let our blessings get mouldy, and then call them curses.” What’s in a curse? At most gaming tables, they’re uttered by players when critical failures pop up. But curses in DCC are an under-utilized mechanic! They’re not just for the Shudfolk! If you’re looking to switch up your NPC casters to make them unpredictable, offer a touch of magic to players without overpowering the party, or spice up your treasure hauls, curses are the way to go.

Stuff referenced in this episode!

Blades Against Bandwidth

Purple Sorcerer Tools

Grimtooth’s Museum of Death

The Emerald Enchanter

GENCON 2016 Program Guide (including Not in Kansas Any More funnel adventure)

DCC Dying Earth

Mothership RPG

OSE (Old School Essentials)

Mario Bava’s Black Sunday

Tabletop RPG Pickup Con

The Chained Coffin (Shudder Mountains adventure and setting)

Sanctum Secorum #29 free zine (with curses!)

Gongfarmer’s Almanacs

Doom of the Savage Kings

50 Fantastic Functions for the D50

Perils of Cinder Claws

Jose Luis T. Cardoso — Fey Curses

(More Curses) – Knights in the North (Ari-Matti & co.-written by Giles)

Podcast: Podcast

  1. Daniel J. Bishop says:

    Adventures with Dragons:

    Dragora’s Dungeon
    Prince Charming, Reanimator
    Through the Dragonwall
    Both Foul and Deep
    The Mysterious Valley (in DAMN #1)
    Three Nights in Portsmouth
    The Tainted Forest Near Thorum (in Crawl #4)

    (Sorry, also posted comment to the wrong episode.)

  2. Daniel J. Bishop says:

    Oh! And Beaten Copper in The Phlogiston Books Volume 1.

    Which, like Prince Charming, is a funnel.

  3. What!! No mention of Death Slaves of Eternity where one can find 5 diabolical curses in Appendix C: Plundering the Dead.

    Curse you spellburn! Curse you in your marbled halls and gilded towers!

    “I’ll not rest till yee look at me book. Curse this podcast where yee souls shall dwell, till you read me book to break the spell.”

    …oh and good episode by the way!

    • Julian Bernick says:

      DOH!!!! The official excuse is… there is just SO MUCH in DSoE that no one can remember everything!! 🙂

    • Your answer rings true. Even I had to double check that the curses were actually in there. Regardless, I still expect either your first born or a batch of fresh baked cookies to lift the spell.