Jun 10, 2019

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Episode 79: Invoke Emails!

We’re way behind on emails but now it’s time to catch up!  Thanks for emailing us!  Keep them coming!



Links mentioned in this episode:

City of the Damned Campaign on Obsidian Portal

Gongfarmers’ Almanac

Mothership RPG

Dungeon Games, Florida

NecronomiCON, Florida

Bardmageddon (musical group)

DCC Class Cards

Spelljammer (AD&D 2nd Edition)

Crawljammer #1

Star Crawl

Crawl #11 (The Seafaring Issue)

D.A.M.N. Magazine #3 (featuring Cojo’s Portal to the Plane of Probability)

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  1. Nerdwerfer says:

    That timer has got to go. Or at least make it different every time. A barking dog, caterwauling cat, a mom yelling at you to get off the phone.

    • Julian Bernick says:

      Yeah, the timer’s kind of vital unless the episodes are going to go.. like 50% longer. But switching the actual sound up is a good idea… Judge Jeff is the keeper of the timer, so I’ll pass that on, thanks!

      • Nerdwerfer says:

        Thank you for the reply, I’d be all in for longer episodes! Your show is very comforting to me, I’m always grateful when I see an episode drop, would love it more if you did an ASMR version. The sound of players crumpling up their character sheets after a TPK gives me the tingles.

        • Julian Bernick says:

          Hmm.. longer episodes? All we need to do is always have a guest. If people really consistently want it.. maybe!

  2. Hey Julian, I’ve turned the Class Cards in to Class Sheets that you can staple right onto the back of the character sheets. I find them more useful that way, FYI