Sep 25, 2018

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Episode 72: A Big Old Mailbag Speedball!

We are so behind in our emails that our mailbag is overflowing! We have nearly thirty emails dating back more than seven months so we are gonna dive right into in.  I’m Judge Jeff and with me tonight are Judge Jen (greetings!) and Judge Julian (salutations!)  Normally, we would go to Tavern talk and talk about our recent gaming but every minute of this episode is precious, so we are going to skip it and go right to the meat of the episode… SUMMON EMAIL…


Adventures mentioned in this episode:

Greenwood of the Fey Sovereign

The Apocalypse Ark

Into the Borderlands

Elzamon and the Blood Drinking Box

Neon Knights

Treasure Vaults of Zadabad

Swordfish Islands

DCC Lankhmar

Intrigue at the Court of Chaos

Beyond the Black Gate

Queen of Elfland’s Son

Man-Bait for the Soul-Stealers

Sailors on the Starless Sea

Tower of the Black Pearl


Links mentioned in this episode:

DCC Tournament

Ray Harryhausen


The Brooklyn Strategist

Swordfish Islands Conversion for DCC

Shadow Lass

Chris Hooker’s Alternate Spellburn Table

Torchbearer the RPG


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  1. Your writer who is interested in Ray Harryhausen is directed to this blog post:

    The Mysterious Valley and Its All Greek to Me in D.A.M.N. #1 may also be of value.–Winter-2017


    One minor quibble….In Tower of the Black Pearl, the effect Judge Jen mentions is not automatic. The player is given a choice between two outcomes. When I run it, I don’t even mention the potential cattle prod – players seem happy to grab hold of the stick!

    Also, the item being touched is not enough to trigger the effect; it must be damaged or despoiled in some way.

    (When I was doing the conversion, I was thrilled to discover an early – I believe, the first – mention of a certain DCC icon, and had to include something along these lines. Appendix N literature demanded that it be so!)