Dec 25, 2017

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Episode 61: Divining Magic, Level 1

Time to give the Clerics their due! Judge Jen leads us through a 1st level Clerics primer. Plus, funnels!  Plus, Gongfarmers Almanac!  Plus the winner of the Dungeon Denizens contest!  All this and more on this episode of Spellburn!

Adventures mentioned in this episode:

BostonCrawl (X-Crawl adventure, as mentioned…)
Outlive, Outsmart, Outkill!

Links mentioned in this episode:

Nowhere City Nights (setting for Outlive! Outsmart! Outkill!)
Death is the New Pink

Announcing our Dungeon Denizen winner, Tim White! 

Link to the Dungeon Denizens!

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  1. Marzio Muscedere says:

    Great episode guys! If you can have the winner of the Dungeon Denizen contest contact me, I will supply him with a prize.

    Congrats Tim White!

  2. Daniel J. Bishop says:

    Another excellent episode!

    Congratulations to Tim White for the excellent write-up. The Lumonculus will be walking the dark halls beneath ruined Toronto, as well as in other adventures I run (from time to time).

    To the Judges J., thank you for the honorary title. Not sure it is deserved, but I’ll take it.

    Question: Is it okay to publish other entries on our blogs? If not, could ALL the entries (including the winner!) be included in a Sanctum Secorum Companion? The Companion would be my choice, but you may have to make sure other monster creators are cool with that.

    Love the podcast! Every day there is more Spellburn is a good day!

    • Daniel J. Bishop says:

      Oh…this link might help people decide which publishers to (potentially) contact.

    • Julian Bernick says:

      Judge Daniel Joseph, thanks for the comments and the question. If you mean is it OK to publish your own entries, for sure! If you’re wanting to gather all the entries and publish them, we’d have to ping people and see, of course.

      As far as putting them out in a Sanctum Sanctorum, cool idea, we’d have to check w the Sanctimonious Ones (um, not sure that’s what we’ll call them, but you know.)

      • Daniel J. Bishop says:

        “Sanctimonious Ones”. I like it. Somehow I imagine they will not like it as much! lol

        I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, but since there is some crossover between the two podcasts, I was thinking….instant content, if people are willing. Obviously, I am willing.