Jan 13, 2014

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Episode 18: Invoke Doug Kovacs

The biggest selling points of the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG aren’t just its old school vibe, easy-to-learn mechanics, and gonzo play style – it’s the art, which visually embodies all of these qualities in spades. Tonight, we’re privileged to talk with one of the primary architects of the visuals for the DCC RPG world and the voice of DCC himself, Doug Kovacs.

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The Mechanoids – RPGNow

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  1. Excellent! I’ve been jonesing for the podcast for since the last one posted. I’ve really been enjoying these (and hope you will continue to enjoy doing them, as well).

  2. I can’t believe my e-mail made the podcast and you sent it to the “Dark Master” himself who in turn sent it to Doug Kovaks…that is so unbelievably awesome! And Jim you are right to fear my polar vortex spell. Keep up the great work! I got to grab my sling shot and get to work….

  3. It always seems funny to me anyone would call Joe the “Dark Master”. If you ever meet him in person you will understand why.

    I always imagine Joe’s voice in my head saying “Hey Guys, I’m the Dark Master, how’s it going?”

  4. Overall, great podcast once more.

    A quick note to DM Cojo: Let your players suggest how to convert their characters. They do the heavy lifting, you approve or disapprove. Easy. To deal with race/class issues, may I recommend this from my blog: http://ravencrowking.blogspot.ca/2012/12/half-levels.html

  5. One thing I remembered about Mechanoids is that there were three smaller books that preceded the one Jobe linked to. There is more stuff in them, particularly in the third “Homeworld” that is not in the one with the watercolor cover. they are here:


  6. I never noticed before this show, but Doug sounds kind of like Bender. A more laid back Bender.

  7. Great Episode, thanks!

  8. Daniel Bishop, great idea! I’d love to participate in this contest!!!

    Doug, you have to consider such a cool idea! And, I’d like to know what was on the music mix you gave to Joseph?

    Great episode guys!

  9. Awesome episode. Doug was a fantastic guest. You guys should definitely have him on again sometime.

  10. Mike Loew says:

    Wow, that D&D coloring book drawn by Greg Irons that Doug mentioned is incredible. I think you’ll really dig its clean-line cartoon style, Jim. Check it out:

  11. I always thought the symbol was a 7 and a 6 smashed together. I never bothered to look it up but I thought that maybe it was the year Doug was born.

  12. Great show! I check every day to see if a new one has been posted. I loved the part where Doug was talking about how the art told a story in the modules.

  13. here is a link to a creature for Dungeon Denizens.:


    Jobe told me to send you the bill Daniel.

  14. Thanks for another great podcast! Looking forward to the next one. Keep em coming!

  15. I guess it’s official now…we don’t get another Spellburn podcast until I admit I’m jonesing for one.

    I am.

    Make it so!

  16. More! I need more Spellburn!

  17. Great Episode, need more Spellburn. When comes the new Episode?

  18. We miss you guys. Hope all is well.

  19. Uh oh, is spellburn dead?

  20. If we act like we aren’t interested… then will you do another one? :}

  21. Thanks for the Information. Waiting for another great show.

  22. You have to do one now, with the World Tour KS campaign ongoing, I’m sure you have ideas on how to make it awesomer…

  23. Hey Spellburners, still waiting 🙂

  24. Damn you, Doug Kovacs! Your awesomeness broke the show!

  25. So, is this thing over? That would be sad.

    • Show isn’t over but no one can record until April. That’s how busy we all are. Sorry everyone.

  26. Big Troy says:

    Great show, can’t wait till the next one…

  27. HelterSkeletor says:

    Awesome podcast. LOVED the Kovacs episode. Been a while…are there going to be more?

  28. Doug Taylor says:

    Waiting for Spellburn hurts worse than waiting for Season 4 Game of Thrones.

  29. Two Days to go……….