Oct 18, 2013

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Episode 12: Invoke Daniel J. Bishop

This week the Spellburners talk to renowned and prolific writer of adventures for DCC RPG (and many other RPGs), as well as one of the prime wizards at Purple Duck Games, Daniel Bishop! Hear all about Daniel’s published and upcoming adventures, as well as some tips and tricks on how to motivate your players to make incredibly ill-considered decisions.


Links mentioned in this episode:

Castles & Crusades Box Set: http://www.trolllord.com/cnc/8000.html

Purple Duck Games – http://purpleduckgames.blogspot.com

Mystic Bull Games – http://mysticbull.blogspot.com

Dragon’s Hoard Publishing – RPGNow

Free RPG Day 2013 The Imperishable Sorceress – http://www.goodman-games.com/FRPGD13preview.html

DCC RPG #76.5 Well of the Worm – http://www.goodman-games.com/50765preview.html

DCC RPG #79.5 Tower of the Black Pearl – http://www.goodman-games.com/50795preview.html


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  1. Thank you very much for having me on the show!

  2. Yellrimber says:

    Enjoyed the show! Looking forward to getting more of Daniel’s material.

  3. The Angry Monk says:

    Great show!

    I was glad when Daniel mentioned his addiction to the show. I thought I was the only one that started jonesing in-between “hits.”

    Was that a knock on Jobe’s door at the end of the show? I am with you brother. My wife was trying to explain something to me the other day, and when I couldn’t understand her, she made an analogy to a dwarf crawling through a small tunnel (in a very snarky voice). Hey, I could be surfing pr0n and online gambling, right?

    Thanks again, Burnouts!

  4. Great interview with Daniel. We are very excited to be able to continue to work with him on the Adventure Locale (AL) series, the Campaign Elements (CE) series and Faerie Tales of Unlit Shores (FT) series.

    I just ran a playtest of FT0 – Prince Charming, Reanimator yesterday and it was an awesome funnel.

  5. Another absolutely brilliant episode. I’ve been putting off getting hold of crawl as my DCC spend has reached epic proportions. However that funnels sounds like my kind of game. Whyioutta!
    No mention of Cotillion. My whole campaign is based on getting to the point of running it.
    DB = Hero of Legend status achieved 🙂

    • Thank you; those are very kind words.

    • I have Cotillion and even have it pseudo-prepped to run it. Had a session about 3 weeks ago that I thought was going to be short some players and was going to break it out, but more folks in the group ended up being able to join us.

      One day I will get the chance to run it. I love that it is perfect for one-off sessions or when normal campaign plans fall through.

  6. Okay. I am officially jonesing for Episode 13 now.

    • Björn Ängerfors says:

      Yeah, +1. I’m getting reeeealy itchy over here… Need my fix. I keep updating the Podcast app on my iPhone several times a day. Thinking of re-listening to all the old episodes for a third time… ^.^

  7. I think the way for a 0-level player to do a mighty deed is hit, then roll another d20, and hit with that one as well. Thus it becomes more difficult to hit and hit a mighty deed as the AC goes up.