We hope you were there with us at Spawn of Cyclops Con last weekend and you had a great time!  If not, you’re in luck because you’re going to hear a lot about it, but that’s not all… you’re also going to hang out with Judge Daniel Joseph Bishop and we’re going to go deep into two of his greatest adventures, talk about new projects, make fun of Canada and more!  All this on tonight’s episode of Spellburn!

Stuff referenced in this episode!

Crawl #9 – The Arwich Grinder- NOT sold out!

Chaos Rising – (featuring the Imperishable Sorceress)

Blades Against Bandwidth

Spawn of Cyclops Con!

Episode 104 – Full Dark, No Stars

Bronx Beasts #1

The Chained Coffin (featuring Shudder Mountains setting)

In the Prison of the Sorcerer Squid

Curse of Mistwood

The Inn in the Forest

Gary Con 2021