Jul 19, 2020

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Episode 99: Spellburn on the Starless Sea

We’re approaching DCC# 100 and we’re also approaching Spellburn 100! What better way to celebrate an anniversary than to reflect on some great stuff of the past 8 years!  I want to do a series of episodes on classic (and maybe even new and unsung!) adventures and there’s obviously no better place to start than Sailors on the Starless Sea!  We’ll find out if it was the first or second funnel with the world’s foremost authority on Sailors and on many more DCC adventures!

Stuff referenced in this episode!

Egg of the Phoenix module (TSR)

Purple Sorcerer Tools


Blades Against Bandwidth

Founders and Legends

DCC Dying Earth

Seven Pits of Sezrekan (Tournament)

Doom of the Savage Kings

Sailors on the Starless Sea (all versions)

Tegel Manor

The 1980s D&D Cartoon

Doom of the Savage Kings

DCC #28 Into the Wilds

Well of the Worm

Metal Hurlant Magazine

Return to the Starless Sea

Podcast: Podcast

  1. Fantastic episode!

    My idea for a classic review: The Jeweler That Dealt in Stardust.
    Short adventure with a great handout and it’s the first heist for DCC before Lankhmar was released (I think) 🙂

  2. Julian Bernick says:

    Great Suggestion! How much of Harley can we really tolerate though?? (A lot, as it turns out.) More importantly… what’s your vote for a classic DJB adventure? Prince Charming…? Arwich Grinder…? Imperishable Sorceress..?

    • Harley did write some fantastic adventures 🙂

      Michael Curtis “Frozen in Time” or “The Sea Queen Escapes” are also both interesting to look at.
      I remember an interview with Michael in which he told, that there are not many good underwater adventures out there, because they are hard to write. The Sea Queen is his take on that trope and I think that could be a great conversation about this special genre of adventures.

      Considering DJB adventures: “Prince Charming” is great and “13 Brides of Blood” is also fantastic!

      And another interesting adventure to look at is “People of the Pit” 🙂

      • I think People of the Pit or Emerald Enchanter are both classics, but it’s hard to get the Dark One pinned down for an interview… perhaps….

        Sea Queen Escapes is also a good one, but I might go for Intrigue at the Court of Chaos. I might let Mike pick… Frozen in Time is so epic, but I don’t want it to be all funnels…

        Your input on DJB adventures is noted!!! 🙂

  3. You can pronounce things however you want, but you should maybe be aware that in (modern) Ireland, “gee” is slang for vagina. Which might be another reason we try to encourage the Gaelic pronunciation(s).

    Looking at third-party modules as well as a good idea. If you’re getting DJB on, why not ask him about e.g. the CE series as a whole? Might be interesting to hear how(/if) third party design shifted over time in response to the Goodman stuff – since so much of it was explicitly about providing a means to “quest for it”.

    • Julian Bernick says:

      Thanks Liam, good info for those traveling to Ireland! And yes… the topic of classic DJB adventures is very much up for discussion!

  4. Judge Jen says:

    {banner art by Troy Tucker!}

  5. In this podcast, you mention “Lesser Key to the Celestial Legion” which is easy to find.
    Then, “Carcossa”; is this a product? Can you provide a link?

  6. Daniel J. Bishop says:

    For the record, Harley is responsible for the disturbing material in Well of the Worm. I made the dwarf into a human wizard with corruption, and added the snake that can give you the ability to speak the serpent tongue.

    Harley has been writing DCC-type adventures long before the actual game existed.