Feb 9, 2020

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Episode 90: The Campaign’s the Thing!

Go to the cons, hang out on the Tweeters and the Faceboxes, and sooner or later, you’ll hear some internet guy or black-tshirt person making the assertion that “DCC is great for one-shot games, but it would never work for a campaign.”  IS IT TRUE? We’re going to find out with none other than Andy Action, campaign OSR Judge extraordinaire as well as yours truly and a little help from Judge Jen and Judge Jeff. All this and more on this daymonthweek’s epsiode of Spellburn!

Adventures referenced in this episode!

Peril on the Purple Planet!

The Meat Grinder

Crypts of Indormancy

Other links from this episode!

Mutant Crawl Classics


Ernest Ernie & The Sincerities

Twin Temple


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  1. Judge Stefan says:

    Hey Judges, for the pronunciation episode you can add in that I say “Stefan” it is pronounced with a “short a” sound. If you need a audible reference, it’s the same pronunciation as King Stefan from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

    I am not of the “Poag” variety of “Stefan,” but I do find it pretty cool that I share a name with such an amazing artist of my favorite ttrpg.

    By the way, thanks for reading my emails and the good answers. I’ll try to think of more questions to keep the mailbag full.

    • Julian Bernick says:

      We pronounce Mr. Poag as Ssstefan, but I am guessing you are more of an (english) Shhtefan? (Saw your email, but didn’t have the Disney reference at hand.. maybe my co-Judges know better).

      Thanks for all the emails, keep ’em coming!

  2. Mathieu Sirois says:

    Great episode with lots of useful tips and tricks (Xp and luck).

    Damn you! It makes me want to run a Purple Planet campaign even more. (When is GG coming out with the Purple Planet hardback re-print?!?)

    Just one question for Judge Julian: what is this City of the Damned campaign you keep talking about? Link?

    • Julian Bernick says:

      1) I don’t know of imminent Purple Planet hardback plans, BUT I did see Harley Stroh is running some new Purple Planet games at Gary Con this year.. so… hopefully??

      2) Mathieu is my middle name!!! (with that spelling)

      3) Here’s the City of the Damned link… enjoy!