Nov 12, 2013

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Episode 14: Mailbag of Holding

This week on Spellburn we have perhaps the most important guests we’ve ever had on the show – you guys! It’s time for a show starring our listeners, or in less fancy terminology, it’s time to empty out the enormous bag of emails that have been piling up to the virtual rafters.


Links mentioned in this episode:

Realms of Crawling Chaos (Labyrinth-Lord): RPGNow

DCC actual play
Virtual Play: DCC RPG Funnel –

Gamer’s Haven –

Iron Tavern Blog: “Dungeon Crawl Classic Campaigns” –

Age of Cthulhu ( Jon Hook) –

Petty Gods –

Tenkar’s Tavern –

Chronicles of Amherth – RPGNow


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  1. DM Breinar’s (sp?) comment “maybe the d20 system is too simple for my brain to comprehend” is what’s wrong with the OSR/Grognard camp. What else in life is difficult to comprehend because it’s too simple?

    You guys did a good job of explaining d20, but it probably fell on deaf ears.

  2. The creatures that got into the TARDIS were apparently the Hounds of Tindalos, for more of which see here:

    For those letter-writers asking about building campaigns, may I point out the Campaign Element (CE) series, published by Purple Duck Games? The author is sort of a jerk, but the products might be of some help.

    AL 1-5, which you mentioned in the podcast, is a go (barring approval). This is a AL 1 to AL 5 in pdf or pod with notes on how to use them together as a campaign arc.

    Finally, the Fairie Tales from Unlit Shores series will be a series of linked adventures. The first one, “Prince Charming, Reanimator”, is a funnel adventure, and is Pay What You Want here:—Prince-Charming-Reanimator

  3. Björn Ängerfors says:

    Great episode as usual guys! Keep em coming!

  4. Agreed, the cover for “The One Who Watches From Below” is a stunning piece of art. Congratulations, Jobe, you must be very proud! I sent the cover to my pack of reavers and diabolists to get them fired up for our next DCC session. Speaking of which, let me add that link to your list!

  5. Karl Stewart says:

    For the steampunk ideas… for magic I’d lean toward spells that somehow echo the magic/occult stuff of that era.
    The Victorians had that huge upsurge of interest in spiritualism and magic… occult celebrities like Aleister Crowley and Madame Blavatsky, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Lots of ritual magic… summoning of spirit guides… seances. Some of Lovecraft’s stories seem to have been influenced by those real-world elements in the news.
    That or go in the direction of ‘techno-magic’… with arcane devices that produce magical effects. Spell guns.
    Has anyone written up a Patron that fits a steam/clockwork aesthetic? Mercurial tables with effects that would back up that feel?


  6. Okay, Jonesing again.