Dungeon Denizens

On Spellburn, we don’t just interview our special guests or entertain our listeners, we put them to work! Behold this salacious selection of unique and uncanny monster for use in Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG – all created by our listeners and special guests, and shared freely with you, the discerning dungeon delving daredevil.


Episode 58 – Dungeon Denizen Contest featuring the art of Stefan Poag!

Hey gang!  Check out this dreadful Dungeon Denizen courtesy of Stefan Poag!   You know you want to make him/her/it your own.  Do your monster writeup and be associated forever with (even more) greatness!

Submit your monster statistics and descriptions to theband@spellburn.com by mid-November!



Episode 45 – Mantikrex

This episode’s Dungeon Denizen was created live on-the-air. Statblock courtesy of Julian Bernick. Original art by Benjamin Marra. Check out more of his amazing work at: http://www.benjaminmarra.com/



Episode 36 – Dungeon Denizens Winner!

This episode’s nasty Dungeon Denizens submission is brought to you by J.V. West with his own original art.

The Pinch Blob

Episode 29 – Dungeon Denizens Winner!

This episode’s daring Dungeon Denizens submission is brought to you by Rockin’ Roy Snyder with art by Notorious Nate Koffler. Behold, a creature with the legs for far more than a single encounter…

 Stalker of the Doomed

Episode 26 – Dungeon Denizens Winner!

Continuing a perhaps untoward trend in recent Dungeon Denizen submissions, this episode’s winning entry is by Mighty Mike Loew!

The Toadlock

Episode 24 – Dungeon Denizens Winner!

This episode’s winning entry is by Daniel J. Bishop! Meet The Wampler… heaven help us all.

The Wampler

Episode 21 – Dungeon Denizens Winner!

This episode’s winning entry is by DM Chasester (with able assist by DM Cojo)!


Episode 20 – Dungeon Denizens Winner!

The winning entry in the write up a Doug Kovacs Creature Contest was submitted by Mar-Max!


Episode 16 – Dungeon Denizens Winner!

This week’s winning entry is by listener Darren Bolton. Beware the Bone Thicket!

Bone Thicket

Episode 15 – Dungeon Denizens Winner!

This week’s winning entry in our listener Dungeon Denizen Contest was Stinky1eyedogre. Behold! The Nabtimbojet…


Episode 12 – Invoke Daniel J. Bishop

Episode 3 (Invoke Michael Curtis) brought you the Discopila, and that is the last monster Spellburn has given you on-air.  Never one to shirk a duty, though, or to attempt to compete with DCC luminaries Michael Curtis or Harley Stroh, I will give you two monsters for the price of one.  Although created off-air, I hope you find them useful. – Daniel J. Bishop

The first monster was created using James Raggi’s excellent Random Esoteric Creature Generator.  The second monster is a conversion from the fantasy ruleset I was working on (mentioned in the episode) before I discovered Dungeon Crawl Classics.

Demon of the Sands
Giant Ambush Bug


Episode 3 – Invoke Michael Curtis

On this week’s episode Judges Jim, Jobe, and Jeffrey, along with writer and game designer par excellence Michael Curtis, crafted a monster live on the air. This exercise started with a roll for a room from Michael Curtis’ book The Dungeon Alphabet to set the “feel” of the monster. The result was a spell amplification room, described as a room where spells cast have the maximum effect. Using that as a the basis, we followed the sage advice of Michael: one can never go too far wrong with a gigantic Robert E. Howard-esque snake.

DD1 - Discopila