Feb 15, 2021

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Episode 108: A Most Crepuscular Episode

Happy ZineQuest season! If you’re anything like us, before long, you’ll be shuffling things around on the shelves, trying to find room for the next batch of arrivals…and you’ll find some treasures from the last two years! We’ve summoned a third-party zine author & illustrator for this episode, and we’re betting you’ll want to revisit some of his well before those new ones roll in. Welcome Joshua LH Burnett!

Stuff referenced in this episode!

Josh’s Blog!

Shudder Mountains (for DCC RPG!)

Yoon Suin by Noisms Games

Crepuscular #1 (Sanctum of the Snail!)

Them’s Monsters!

MIghty Deeds podcast

Crypt of Morgath

Work Life Magic

Draugr & Draculas

Leopard Women of Venus (DCC RPG)


QAGS (Quick-Ass Gaming System)

American Barbarian (Tom Scioli)

Fletcher Hanks!

Macabre – Horror & B movies for DCC – Zinequest!

Podcast: Podcast

  1. I had such a great time talking with all y’all. Thanks for having me on!

  2. Michael Nusbaum says:

    I’d like to know the Judges opinions on Clerics who’ve been silenced. Do Clerics need to speak aloud to cast Divine spells? My 4th level cleric was cursed by a demon and could only squeak. At first the Judge decided I couldn’t cast, but then reconsidered and made me roll on a lower die (d16) for spell checks. I won’t got into into the whole encounter that was pretty fun and amazing. The question is if Clerics need to speak aloud to cast their divine spells. I have no opinion and I’m interested in hearing what everyone else has to say.

    • Daniel Bishop says:

      In my opinion (and at my table) you need to be able to speak to cast spells unless otherwise specified.