Feb 26, 2018

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Episode 65: Mailbag Festival!

There’s no need for a long-winded intro for Episode 65 because our guest is familiar to everyone who plays DCC RPG.  We are welcoming back … oh..  Wait, nope he cancelled  .  It’s the EMAIL episode!   We talk mercurial magic, patrons, diversity, Gary Con, MCC, house rules and lots and lots of DCC RPG.  

You know what?  I didn’t get any freakin’ guest stars for this episode but I have two of the best folks in DCC with me right now!  You know them as Judge Jen… and Judge Jeff!

(And after a not-that-long hiatus, we welcome back.. Judge Mailbag!)

Adventures mentioned in this episode:

Hive of the Overmind

The Black Goat

Children of the Fallen Sun

2017 Goodman Games Program Guide

Doom of the Savage Kings (Tomb of Ulfaenor)

Shandows Under Devil’s Reef

Neon Knights



Links mentioned in this episode:

Angels, Daemons and Beings In Between

Hobbs & Friends of the OSR

Sanctum Sanctorum Podcast

Appendix N Bookclub

Kitty Pryde of the X-Men


Umerican Survival Guide (Delve Cover)


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  1. Thanks for another awesome podcast episode!
    See you at Gary Con

  2. Wow, just caught up to this mailbag episode, and I must say I’m disappointed to hear another knee-jerk defense from a privileged white-man (I.e Joe Goodman). Instead of taking an opportunity to critically look at the talent pool he cherry-picks from he uses typical bootstrap theory rhetoric to justify his power. I was keen on this game when I recently delved into its rule set, but now I’m rethinking my initial enthusiasm due to the creator’s comments. As head of company he sets the tone for not just his publishing business but also those proselytizing “his” work. Honestly how much effort would it have taken to not respond in a defensive and challenging manner, but rather use this opportunity to broaden ones exposure to creative talent? I applaud Judge Jeff for his eloquent rebuttal. What an inspiring way to talk to Power! I haven’t given up on DCC yet, but I’m certainly not as interested in submitting artwork as I once was.

    • Julian Bernick says:

      Sorry Ryan, it was probably easy to mistake “Judge Jobe” for “Judge Joe”.. but the email at the start was not from Joe Goodman but rather from former Spellburn host Judge Jobe.

      • Well now I am embarrassed, and truly sorry for mis-targeting my ire! My apologies (not for my reaction, just that I misfired). I did not intend to defame or otherwise malign the character of anyone undeserving of such criticism. I will be sure to listen more thoroughly in the future to avoid such mistakes. Thank you for not cruely mocking me (though I suppose some may be in order as my penance).

      • Julian Bernick says:

        Well I get it Ryan, it’s easy to mis-hear “Judge Jobe” as “Judge Joe” — for future reference, we will almost always refer to Mr. Goodman simply as… “THE DARK MASTER”!!!