Nov 13, 2017

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Episode 59: Make Your Own Patron

This week on Spellburn we take a look at how to create a supernatural Patron!  Patrons are one of the coolest and most unique aspects of Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG.  Every Judge will have a reason to make one as a foil, as a PC ally, and of course just for the fun of it!  We’ll talk about how to generate them, how to fine-tune them and what distinguishes them from other fickle entities like the GAWDS.  All this and more on this week’s episode of SPELLBURN!
Patron write-up: W.I.G.H.T.


Adventures mentioned in this episode:

Shadows Under Devil’s Reef (2017 Halloween Adventure)
Sinister Sutures of the Seamstress (2016 Halloween Adventure)
They Served Brandolyn Red
Tower of the Black Pearl

Links mentioned in this episode:

Clark Ashton Smith
Robin Hobb
Michael Chabon
Ready Player One
Swords Against Death
Angels Daemons and Beings In Between
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  1. The Patron Bond spell allows you to be bonded to a patron even if you are not a caster. This doesn’t allow you to cast invoke patron, but it does allow you to call upon your patron for aid. The maximum effect is:

    The caster forms a bond between his patron and the subject, who is indispensable to the patron. The patron bestows a major boon on the caster in the form of a permanent +1 bonus on all castings of invoke patron and patron spells, and grants a major boon to the subject in the form of a +1 bonus once per day to an action performed in the service of the patron. The subject receives a prominent mark of the patron on his hand or face, and may attempt a Luck check once per month, at a +4 bonus, to ask a major favor from the patron, which may manifest in a magical manner. Each time such a Luck check is attempted there is a 2% cumulative chance that the patron asks for something in return. In addition, the patron sends followers to aid the subject’s natural actions. The followers consist of 1d4+1 warriors, each of level 1d3. All bear the mark of the patron. They [sic] warriors serve with absolute loyalty (no morale checks are ever required) and ask for nothing in return save adherence to the principles of the patron. The caster is viewed favorably for bringing more followers to his patron; for every 10 followers recruited and bonded, he receives a +1 bonus to future patron bond and invoke patron checks (max +5 bonus).

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