This episode on Spellburn, we’re introducing an additional permanent co-host to the show, a long-time DCC RPG organizer and game designer. Listen to find out! In addition to this overload of awesome, we’re welcoming the notorious Brendan LaSalle for his first visit to Spellburn. Listeners may know Brendan as “the guy you send emails to for Road Crew swag”, or as the most insane judge at conventions. He’s also the author of the funnel, “Hole in the Sky,” and he is the mastermind behind X-Crawl, one of the most entertaining settings for DCC.

Links mentioned in this episode:
Fat Dragon Games
Villains & Vigillantes

Adventures mentioned in this episode:
Dungeon Battle Brooklyn
Belly of the Great Beast
Hole in the Sky
Nowhere City
The Adventure Begins
Las Vegas Crawl

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