Nov 20, 2015

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Episode 40: A Level 1 Wizard’s Primer

This week on Spellburn, we’re going to help out some of the new Wizards out there, by giving you a spell primer! That’s right, we’re going to go over the list of 1st-level arcane spells. Whether you’re new to the game or a long-time judge, some spells just aren’t taken seriously enough because they’re taken at face value. We’re here to offer some clarifications, and to de-mystify some magicks.

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  1. Yeah! Stil alive.

  2. Daniel J. Bishop says:

    Hey! Glad to see Spellburn back! Also, a good topic for the show. I have found spells in DCC to be spurs to creativity as well, and the added excitement of a natural 20 or 1 is a big boost to the game.

    When I ran Doom of the Savage Kings at home, my son’s wizard ended up facing the Hound alone….just a quick three rounds, and then the Hound was off to murder some townsfolk.

    He tried to survive it by casting Magic Shield. And rolled a 1. Then rolls a misfire. Then rolls a “4” on the misfire table. Then rolls a “3” for duration….and is taken out of harm’s way for exactly 3 rounds.

    From the depths of despair when the “1” came up, to the heights of gaming goodness when the last die came to a rest, one of the best single moments I have ever witnessed in over 30 years of gaming.

    What a great system!

  3. Please… just use a disclaimer, allow the adult language, and stop the beeps.

    I love this podcast, but those beeps are more offensive than off-color language. Seriously, is anyone going to explode because he or she hears a word some consider offensive?

    • Thanks for the feedback, Stephen. We are trying to keep the show family friendly. Many listeners have written into the show saying they enjoy the podcast in the car with their children. I’ll take your comment as a vote in the pro-offensive language column.

      • Why not have two versions. Presumably you finish the regular editing before you add the beeps. Alternatively just don’t use the words you plan to beep out.