Jul 11, 2015

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Episode 37: Magic Items

This week on Spellburn your hardy hosts delve into the treasure vaults to uncover every adventurer’s favorite loot: magic items! We’re going to dive deep into the rules for potions, scrolls, magic staffs, magic swords, rods, wands, and more…

Links mentioned in this episode:

The Crawler’s Companion (free DCC RPG dice roller app)


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  1. Daniel J. Bishop says:

    Hey, it is great to have another podcast so soon after the last! I think you guys nailed it with the reserved critical hits. As far as the economy goes, quests for special ingredients can go a long way towards keeping the cost down, if the judge is willing. Likewise, if you look at a module like The Emerald Enchanter, a patron might provide special assistance. For a price.

    On a less happy note, the sound level wasn’t as good as it could be. It was often difficult to hear Judge Jobe. (Unless that was intentional.)

    Keep ’em coming!

    • I reran the mp3 through our leveling software and reuploaded. I hope the audio quality is a little better now.

      • Kewl Beans!

        Just a mention that, thanks to the fabulous Jon Marr, the Crawler’s Companion at purplesorcerer.com now does magic swords and demons. The first, at least, is topical to your podcast!