Mar 31, 2015

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Gary Con VII: What’s New at Goodman Games

Joseph Goodman and his minions – plus special guest James M. Ward – preview and discuss the exciting new releases coming from Goodman Games in 2015, including Lankhmar DCC, new adventures, the DCC RPG Judges screen, Road Crew 2015 info, a new Metamorphosis Alpha kickstarter, and lots of other old school gaming goodness!


  1. Looks like Judge Jobe is giving Mr. Goodman the evil eye…

  2. Stinky1EyedOgre says:

    Thanks for recording this gang. It means a lot for those of us who couldn’t make the trek. Looks like it will be another great year for Goodman Games.

  3. Joe Goodman really does have his work cut out herding all those squirrels!

  4. A DCCRPG version of X-Crawl!!! Hell yeah! I’m SOLD!!! I’m stoked for this year’s Goodman Games lineup!

  5. Mike Loew says:

    Thanks so much for putting the video together, Spellburn! What a feast Goodman Games is planning for us. I’m stoked for your Jack Vance-themed adventure, Jobe, my interest is far from nuncupatory!

  6. BigTroy says:

    Wait a second, I watched this again… still no word on the DCC Annual?
    “Enquiring Minds Need To Know!”

  7. Daniel J. Bishop says:

    Great job, judges.

  8. Great job, as always.

    Must I beg for a new episode? Is that what you really want?