Dec 25, 2014

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Episode 34: Here There Be Dragons

This week on Spellburn we take an in-depth look at Dungeon Crawl Classic’s dragons! Everything from what makes them unique to using the Dragon tables to create our very own dragon on tonight’s episode.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Chuck Whelon Kickstarter (Look for the DCC RPG original artwork)

Death Frost Doom

Cheryl Cain

Crawler’s Companion (Web Version)

Gary Con Gaming Convention

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  1. The Angry Monk says:

    Oops! The download link doesn’t work.

    Merry Christmas, Spellburners!

  2. Daniel J. Bishop says:

    First Dragon in a DCC adventure appears in Crawl #4, in an adventure by Yves Larochelle called The Tainted Forest Near Thorum.

    The rose dragon in Prince Charming, Reanimator, and the Jabberwock in Creeping Beauties of the Wood were also designed using the tables in the core rulebook.

  3. The Angry Monk says:

    Thank you! This is a nice Christmas present to wake up to.

  4. Harley Stroh says:

    You guys are in the thick of it! This is awesome. Great listen.

  5. Just got around to listening… great show guys! Keep up the good work!

  6. Just catching up on the show, and thought I’d chime in here on the Dragon HD/hp conundrum…

    My earliest gaming was the so-called “Holmes Basic” edition (which compiled and re-jiggered the original booklets that were D&D). Dragons had a variable number of HD based on their type. Then their age determined the number of hp per die. So a White Dragon would have 5-7 HD, and if it was “very young” it’d have 1 hp per die, or if it were adult it’d have 5 hp per die, etc.

    DCC dragons are using the same method, in essence. Determine the number of HD, and then the age tells you how many hp per die. So if you wanted a poppa dragon protecting his offspring, poppa might have 6 hp per HD, while junior had only 2 hp per HD — but they might well have the same number of HD!

    Also: The idea that the breath weapon uses the same number as hp for damage also comes straight from OD&D. The genius part of that that I’ve only recently realized is that the damage the breath weapon does shouldn’t just be a fixed number — it should always scale with the dragon’s current hp, to reflect the beast getting weaker as you damage it…

    • I didn’t realize the history on the mechanics. That’s fascinating. Now I need to dig out the old books and read for myself.

  7. Good Epsiode, can’t wait to hear another from the judges!

  8. Just started with Episode 1. Great start and informative podcast! Greetings from Germany! 🙂

  9. Mike Loew says:

    Miss you guys! But have a great time at GaryCon.