Dec 8, 2014

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Episode 33: Summon Stephen Newton

This week on Spellburn, we return from a holiday and deadline-enforced hiatus to welcome a guy that we’ve been trying to get on the show forever. Tonight, we welcome notable publisher and author of third party adventures for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, Thick Skull Adventures’ own Stephen Newton.


Links mentioned on the show:

Thick Skull Adventures

Attack of the Frawgs – 1st level DCC RPG adventure

The Haunting of Larvik – 1st level DCC RPG adventure

Stronghold of the Wood Giant Shaman – 5th level DCC RPG adventure

Gary Con Gaming Convention


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  1. Stinky1EyedOgre says:

    Whoot! Time to bust open a cask of Dead Goblin Stout!

  2. Nice podcast, judges! I enjoyed Larvik Island quite a bit, and do not think that it is too long at all! It is “just right” from where I sit.

  3. Thanks again for having me on the show. I had lots of fun chatting with the “Judges J!”

  4. During the podcast if I recall correctly Judge Jim mentioned that either Judge Jobe or Judge Jeffrey (I forget which) were off doing a D&D5E podcast.

    Did I hear that correctly? And if so what is the name of that podcast as I’d like to give it a listen.

  5. John Salyer says:

    I need to make a trip to Cincinnati to play at Gateway Games. This has to happen. It sounds like they have too much fun there.