Sep 23, 2014

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Episode 30: Advanced DCC Magic

This week on Spellburn we do something that wizards in the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game absolutely, never, ever do. We’re going to share some of our knowledge of advanced magic. Beyond simple spellchecks or spellburn, we’re going to delve deep into and talk about the lesser-known areas of the DCC magic system, including ritualized magic, group casting, unfamiliar familiars, and more.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Diogo Nogueira’s DCC RPG Character Sheet


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  1. Stinky1EyedOgre says:

    Great job gang! I finally got a chance to listen, and found this to be a great discussion of Magic in DCC RPG. Everyone had something to contribute. I just wanted it to keep going on and on. The only bad thing I would have to say is that someone needs to take a remedial French class!

  2. Now that was a great show folks. I really think the best so far…
    As you talked about them i could remember reading them but.. when i was running games… they never came to mind.
    Thanks for helping me remember.

  3. Daniel J. Bishop says:

    Okay, Judge Js, this was clearly one of the best Spellburn episodes, if only because of the interesting topic. Consult Spirit is such a cool spell that I stuck a whole host of skulls in The Revelation of Mulmo, along with the means to consult them.

    I still think that you should get the minds behind Crawl!, Crawljammer, Crawling Under a Broken Moon, and Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad together for a single episode: “Conquest of the Zine Overlords”.

    Another show idea: Building adventures. You could kick around a base idea, then delve into some encounters, and finally post a short side quest on the site.

    How about converting from other systems to DCC? A walk-through of the Sword Magic or dragon rules (with the output available as a file)? (Material-wise, you could address dragons & magic weapons in the Appendix N source material, as well is in the DCC and earlier edition modules. White Plume Mountain, anyone?)

    Actually, designing a new patron would also be a good episode, with the patron then available.

    Just some ideas.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Great episode, it makes me want to play an arcane caster….

  5. Mike Loew says:

    The idea of just rolling with the adventure hooks in the DCC rulebook is really interesting. All of the advanced magic and questing stuff is awesome, but it’s a lot to handle alongside running parties through adventures. Perhaps going back and forth from session to session on that would be a good balance.

  6. Judge Rotgrub says:

    Episode image – zuccor victim from Top Secret module 002, Rapidstrike, right?

    I’ve reskinned that module more times, in more systems, than my collected players would believe.

    Love the show and keep on, keepin’ on!

    Judge Rotgrub