Apr 28, 2014

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Episode 21: Fantastic Fanzines

This week we’re taking a look at the profusion of DCC RPG fanzines available to players and judges. If a game can be measured by the groundswell of support that it receives from its fans, then the world of DCC RPG suffers from an overabundance of riches.



Links mentioned in this episode:

Edgar Johnson’s Blog: http://revdoctoredj.blogspot.com/2014/03/my-research-on-gaming.html

Crawl! Fanzine: http://crawlfanzine.blogspot.com

CrawlJammer Fanzine: http://crawljammer.blogspot.com

Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad: http://www.kickassistan.net

Crawling Under a Broken Moon: http://crawlingunderabrokenmoon.blogspot.com

Glitter Wizard: http://glitterwizard.bandcamp.com

And don’t forget to check out this episode’s winning Dungeon Denizens contest entry by DM Chasester!


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  1. Stinky1EyedOgre says:

    Just wanted to say, Awesome Dungeon Denizen! Kudos to Chase… keep up the great work. I enjoyed the show, too.

  2. Thank you so much for the shout out! Please let me know what you think the first issue.

  3. Awe man, thanks again for the shout-out. I’ve done my best to help others with their zines. MOAR IS BETTER!

    D.A.M.N. is Garett Oliver’s baby, I’m helping publish it. Garett’s been busy, but the adventures and other articles are lined up. It’ll happen, everyone should nag him.

    btw, All printed editions are still available!

    (and I still haven’t gotten my Brave Halfling books!)

  4. Thanks for talking about my son Chase’s Gonturzap. You guys made his day when he heard you mention him on the show.

  5. Once more, a fantastic podcast. A quick correction to give credit where credit is due: I did one adventure and the conversions article for DAMN. The other two adventures are by Paul Wolfe and Garett Oliver. The barbarian is by Godric McKellan.

    (If you have not checked out Paul Wolfe’s recent The God-Seed Awakens, you should.)

    Other D&D modules that convert well to DCC, that I have used, include The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh and Eye of the Serpent. I have had a LOT of fun using Barrowmaze for DCC, and I also recommend it.

    At my table, the additional equipment lists from Crawl! are constantly being referred to. While the zine is full of cool, the simple utility of that article makes it something that I have to keep close to hand.

    I have also found both Metal Gods and Crawljammer to be excellent zines. I am looking forward to purchasing Crawling Under a Broken Moon, which I foresee in my near-immediate future.

    Again, great show, gents!

  6. I plan on converting S1 Tomb of Horrors, B4 The Lost City, and N1 Against the Cult of the Reptile God in the future.

    • I just played through S1. A conversion could prove interesting…

    • John Michael Hess says:

      LOVE N1 ! What a great beginning for a campaign. A fleshed out town, the moral conundrum of killing townsfolk who aren’t in control, different kinds of dungeons and NPCs who MIGHT not be what they seem.

  7. Hey guys, great show! I am working my way through your podcasts, but I skipped ahead to listen to this one. One of the reasons I love OSR, and by extension DCC, is that fans can make their own stuff and put it out there. I liked the question about what each of your “appendix N” authors/creators were. I began thinking what mine would be and I came up with a baseline of Robert Howard and Clive Barker, to some extent Romero’s original dead trilogy but even more so Fulci’s gates of Hell trilogy. I am sure there will be more, but I think that is a pretty freaky start right there. Keep up the good work fellas!

  8. Any idea when the next podcast will be? Maybe I’ll have time to write up the Wampler for Dungeon Denizens……

  9. I agree with your ruling on spellburning on a casting of Patron Bond. Although spellburn can be interpreted as a strictly mechanical exercise, it really represents a bargain between the PC and a supernatural entity of some kind. That bargain should be role played. It would therefore be odd for a PC to call down aid that subverts his loyalty to the creature that aids him. What entity would agree to that bargain? It would be like Elric summoning Arioch thusly: “Arioch, aid me now! Blood for…someone other than Arioch! Blood for someone else! But I want Arioch to help me get there!” I suppose a very persuasive PC could try to succeed in the negotiation but it would be a long shot.

  10. What were the two “city on the fly” products you mentioned? Can we have some links please!

    Oh yeah and it goes without saying it was a great podcast especially as I get mentioned in it.


  11. I got to play in a DCCified Tomb of Horrors run by Mario Torres at Gam3rCon in San Diego last year.

    It was AWESOME, we ran out of time but we were kicking ass at 7th level. Should have been aroun 5th to make it more challenging.