Dec 25, 2013

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Happy Holidaze from Spellburn!

  1. Stinky1EyedOgre says:

    Wow! Nice hair Jim! Hope you guys all have a great time during the holidays.

  2. Who are the band members? Judge Jim is the lead singer? Which ones are the other guys?

  3. Cool! You guys look like singing bobbleheads. 🙂

  4. Okay, guys. Time to go back to work.

  5. Will Browne says:

    Great video- and thanks for a great 2013! Looking forward to more DCC goodness….!

  6. Joe D'Andrea says:

    Any plans for a new episode?

    • We’ve had scheduling difficulties that have kept us from recording new episodes. It’s been my fault as much as anyone’s, so I do apologize for the hiatus. We’ll be back with new episodes soon after Gary Con, I promise.