Sep 25, 2013

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Episode 10: Holier Than Thou

This week on Spellburn, we’re continuing our series of up-close-and-personal looks at individual character classes. Tonight, by popular listener request, we’re going to cover the cleric class, which in Dungeon Crawl Classics, is NOT your father’s d20 heal-bot. Second only to fighters and dwarves in raw melee power, this divine class casts spells without armor penalty, turns creatures of opposing alignment, and just generally kicks unholy ass.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Angels, Daemons, and Beings Between – RPGNow

Brian Bleakley’s “Weird Dice” Matrix: Die_Matrix_2


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  1. “Second only to fighters in raw melee power…”

    I think there needs to be a “and dwarves” inserted in there 😉

    • Aren’t dwarves fighters too? Either way, Jambi says, “You’re technicality has been granted!” (“and dwarves” has been added. Thanks, Rick!)

      • Sorry, Jim, now that I’m fully awake (long day yesterday) I see what you meant. In my weariness I saw “warriors” instead of “fighters”. Forgive my pedantry!

  2. Shannon Ferguson says:

    Like a thief in the night, this episode slipped past me. Looking forward to hearing the wise words of the Judges. Thanks, dudes!

  3. Hey guys! Once more an excellent podcast, and a lot of fun to listen to. I had started working on a pantheon for my own fell purposes, and posted a bit on the Goodman Games forums.

    Congrats! You have inspired me to keep working on them (including new spells and patron info where applicable) and then shill them on an unsuspecting public.

    • Spoiler Alert for Sea Queen Escapes…

      There might not be a true megalodon in SQE! but there _is_ a giant Hammerhead shark…

  4. Stinky1eyedogre says:

    Good show again guys! Finally, we have clerics that rock! They are much, more powerful and fun to play in DCC! May Justicia shine her blessed light down upon you for this show! 0)

  5. Great Podcast It’s comforting to know even the Spellburn Judges aren’t infallible!

    I agree the amount of work put into patrons over deities is pretty unbalanced. I think the deities should have the same personalised treatment as the patrons. I don’t care how much work that is for the Goodman gang! I’ve got money to spellburn!

    I’m also really not comfortable with the Cthulhu stuff making an appearance here either. It seems like a bit of a cop out. – Just sayin’

  6. Robert Kleinsasser says:

    Dungeon Crawl Classics #35 – Gazetteer of the Known Realms has write-ups of most (if not all) of the deities in the DCC RPG rule book. The pdf is available at RPGNOW or DriveThruRPG for $30. Somewhat expensive, but you’re also getting some interesting campaign world information on Aereth that might be useful in your DCC games.