Jul 31, 2013

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“Name That Stroh” Contest

Name That Stroh

If you listened to this week’s episode of Spellburn then you already learned that Joseph Goodman’s nickname is “The Dark Master”. Alas, poor Harley Stroh, Goodman Games’ most prolific writer, lamented on air that he has no pet name. He has thrown himself upon the mercy of our listeners to give him one. So we’re running a contest to “Name That Stroh!”

Here’s how to enter:

1.) Post a comment on this page with a spiffy new moniker for Harley between 7/31/2013 and 8/6/2013. Make sure to post with your own name or handle. If you need some inspiration, we posted the friendliest picture we could find of Harley above.

2.) The triumvirate of Spellburn judges will whittle the entries down to the top 5 finalists.

3.) The winner will be determined DCC-style – with a Zocchi die roll – live on episode 8 of Spellburn.

Winning Entry

The winner gets bragging rights and more. Harley will wear a shirt at Gencon 2013 emblazoned with the new sobriquet, and will quite possibly never live down the appellation.

Good Luck!


  1. Giggles DeathHammer

  2. As the person who was on the receiving end of those double middle fingers, and who was later killed by Harley, I dub thee…The Finger of Death!

  3. Ol’ Lamented Pony

  4. Liverpuncher says:

    Rad Hatter

  5. Kenneth Cummins says:

    To go along with “The Dark Master”, there could be “The Argyle Mystic”. For Gen Con shaming (and movie trivia kudos) there’s “Bunny Wigglesworth”. Of course, the DCC way would be to make a shirt with blanks, and tables to determine the nom d’jour. Preferably requiring a d7.

    All hail The _____ _____ of ____!

    His Mercurial Majesty…

  6. Mr. Stroh has an awesome laugh so I nominate the moniker: The Cackling Cobalt Kobold.

  7. Aaron Quebman says:

    After seeing that menacing visage, the fiery beard and the blood red face in stealing an idea from the podcast I think “The Blood Father” would be fitting for Mr. Stroh’s nickname.

  8. podweasel says:

    I say we call him “Death Stroh”. This is a play on both Destro from GIJoe and the Death Star.

  9. How bout Hargor Talespinner

  10. Michael Curtis says:

    Strohodor, strohodor, strohodor. Or “Susan.”

  11. Aaron Quebman says:

    Harley Slow = For his Slow Writing he mentioned

    Minion #1 = The Dark Master doesn’t have time to name his minions.

    Maestroh Harley

    Hardley Strohked

    Harley ‘Beef’ Strohganoff

    The Dark Infant

    The Dark Apprentice

  12. “The Bastard Who Killed My Gongfarmer”

  13. Jeff Petrey says:

    The Bearded Banshee

  14. I would say “Davidson” but that wouldn’t be too original and besides, it might already be his middle name. Lol. After listening to the podcast, my suggestion is “Chuckles” or “Dreyfuss” because he laughs exactly like Richard Dreyfuss, which is pretty sweet.

  15. Ian Stuart says:

    The Grim Wordsmith.

  16. Lord Rathmore says:

    I’m going to go with “Chief Terrormancer”

  17. Strohker Ace
    Death Strohke
    The Hammer of Stroh
    Thresher of Zeroes
    The Prodigious Son
    The Strohviathan

  18. The Hand and Eye of Goodman

  19. Jon Hook says:

    Crazy Legs

  20. Cory Gahsman (aka DM Cojo) says:

    The Superlative Scribe.

  21. The Most Revered Scrivener of Punjar

  22. Nyarlastrohtep, the Scrawling Chaos

  23. Shawn D. Rice says:

    The ADHD Kid
    He who shall not be named.
    Bobugbubilz I can’t wait to hear everyone try to pronounce this.
    And Last but not least Little Red Ridding Hood.

  24. Eric Kile says:

    Dwarf servant Stroh-cubus.

  25. Marcos Sastre says:

    If we can get Joseph Goodman in a “The Dark Master” shirt to match, I think Mr. Stroh’s handle should be plain and simple:

    “The Dark Master’s Footstool.”

  26. Harstrow the Harrower, servant of Pesh Joomang, The Gate and the Keeper.

  27. Yellrimber the Mad, High Wizard of Raran says:

    Rahstrohely the Dark Dwarf, Master of the Secret Realms of Chaos

  28. Lee Chalker says:

    Von Strohlovich

  29. Lee Chalker says:

    pardon me, allow me to introduce the grognard slayer, OSR player, the total party devistator – Count Harley von Strolavich

  30. As it is written in the Crimson Book of Evagh:
    “…and yeah shall one come, the slow-hand of the Dark Master. The titterer in the dark, the tester of might and teller of stories. He who funnels the weak ‘neath the starless shadow of colossi, and burns out the impure so only steel remains. Many names hath he, that dread harbinger of trial and experience, and many tales hath he told. His true name is the name that is whispered by the cold child at night, who fears the dark and the things that stare with bright eyes. His true name is that word that chokes in the throats of good men dying on the field of battle. Men call him Stroh, but that sound is far too tiny for such a being. His true name is…”

    The rest of the passage is worn and stained with a crusty dark residue.

  31. Dwarven Ale says:

    The Grinder. For two reasons, he is always grinding out sweet adventures for us to run and the Judas Priest song, Grinder, always makes me think of some vile dungeon beastie. “Grinder, looking for meat, Grinder, wants you to eat!”

  32. Aaron Quebman says:

    The Lightbringer

    The Tainted Stroh

    The Taint

    Harley ‘Quinn’ Stroh

    The Screaming Sea-Man

    Lucky Stroh

    Harley ‘Baby Maker’ Stroh

    The Sloth

    Harley “Give me One More Week” Stroh

    • Aaron Quebman says:

      Harley “Give me One More Week” Stroh is what the name is supposed to be. Damn thing extended to the next line.

  33. How does Harley “Beef” Strohganoff not just win automatically? I’m not even going to try to compete at that level.

  34. “Der Strohmann”

    1) German stuff always sounds kick-ass!
    2) Translation: “straw man”